There are currently almost half a million international students in the UK, and many of them are struggling with mental health issues while studying far from home.

In the 20 years since UKEC was founded in 1999, our education advisors have helped our students to find places at higher education institutions all across the UK. Working so closely with students has enabled us to witness the mental health problems that they so often have to deal with.

Many international students come to UK with high expectations, both their own and those of their families. Sometimes these expectations can turn into overwhelming pressure, especially when students also have to deal with a brand-new living environment as well as their studies.

In order to help students with their problems, every university in Britain has its own mental health department. These typically offer help in a wide range of ways — from peer guidance to professional therapy — to help students to get their lives back on track.

If you feel that you might be undergoing any stress, or your wellbeing is suffering in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the counselling centre at your university.

We hope all of our students can have a wonderful experience while studying in UK.

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